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With over 20 years of experience, LISSY is the perfect platform for the digitalization of communication processes, the flow of information, knowledge creation and documentation as well as laboratory and development processes in customer-oriented, innovative companies.

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Who digitizes successfully with LISSY?

The paint and coatings industry

Industrial coatings, automotive, aviation, rail, high-temperature coatings

Raw material producers

Pigments, additives, fillers

Company of the construction chemistry

Building protection, adhesives, building materials

Plastic, rubber and film manufacturers

Swimming pool liners, supply industry

We have a long-standing partnership with PRISMA and are proud to have contributed to the development of this unique application through the practical insights from our industry. We especially appreciate the direct and uncomplicated exchange with PRISMA and the quick accessibility in case of challenges. We look forward to continuing to set standards in our industry with PRISMA and LISSY.

Fabian Bußweiler


What makes LISSY so special?

Does that sound familiar?

Departments use Excel, Word, Access, LIMSe or other isolated applications, filing is not organized in a uniform manner, important information is not easily available, important messages are lost or sink into the mailbox, and the documentation of common appointments is later no longer tangible.

  • 1What is different with LISSY?

    You use over 600 application-specific, customizable objects to describe each piece of information precisely, and LISSY stores this information in its structured database for a variety of tasks - even when it may not yet be clear what it will all be useful for in the future.

  • 2How does LISSY support my daily work?

    You record all information where it occurs: At the customer, in the lab, in the project round, during development and testing, or spontaneously, wherever it occurs to you.

  • 3How do I save time with LISSY?

    The information is always there. In every process step, you have direct access to all important information in your Infoscreen, through status reports and notifications, via the stakeholder file, product database, sample management and document management, without having to search for a long time.

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