LISSY at a glance

We bring your processes, knowledge and information out of isolation throughout the company - we create clarity!

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Stakeholdermanagement, xRM

Connect all participants, simplify communication and bundle common knowledge.


  • Everything at a glance: OnePager
  • Prospects and target group management
  • OEMs, customers and suppliers
  • Relationships via projects, supply chains
  • Partners, testing institutes and organisations
  • Supplier evaluation, quality and adherence to schedules by testing institutes
  • Competitors and market competitors
  • Order and project file
  • Claim and requirements management
  • Customer samples and products
  • Communication, contact and appointment management
  • Interview notes, visit reports, requirement analyses

Project and order management

Stage-Gate projects, requirement specifications and criteria, development orders and a sophisticated schedule and task management support you optimally at any time.


  • Stage-Gate Projects
  • Development and innovation projects
  • Own project types with own workflow compliance
  • Specifications, qualities, requirement criteria and potentials
  • Coating orders, formulation development, technical testing, claim management, technical service
  • Project team, supply chains, partners, GANTT planning
  • Appointment and task management
  • Utilization planning

Role-based workflows

Flexibility and compliance are not mutually exclusive. Ensure the quality of business processes with workflows that fit perfectly into your organization.


  • Department-oriented organizational structure
  • Roles of employees in departments and project teams
  • Task-oriented worklists
  • Control via message center and mail system
  • Own workflow definitions
  • Definition of tasks, mandatory data and stagegates per phase

Recipe Playground

The boost for research and development, quality assurance and innovation


  • 1K / 2K / 3K / nK
  • Large scope of calculations
  • Formula editor for additional calculation systems
  • Different views and levels of detail
  • Preparation of the batch and material weighing
  • Stock and consumption quantity posting
  • Raw material and material management with flexible physical/chemical properties
  • Integration of different LCA systems
  • Test catalogues for laboratory tests
  • Directly embedded in projects, orders, sample management and technical checks
  • Extensive research tools, statistical analysis and data source for AI algorithms
  • Transfer from ERP and transfer to ERP

Samples, layer systems, products, raw materials, qualities

Lifecycle assessment management, technology evaluation, raw material management and the product file support decision-makers, application technology, customer care, sales and marketing.


  • Transfer from ERP
  • Flexible chemical/physical properties
  • Data sheets and measurement/test results
  • Flexible Klassifikationssysteme
  • Different LCA systems can be integrated
  • Management of material stock and material flow
  • Raw materials, semi-finished products, compositions and work packages in one system
  • Direct integration of recipe development
  • Classifications, approvals, areas of application
  • Description of layer systems
  • Creation of a company-wide sample database
  • Product file with application, use, results and performance

Technical tests

Audit-proof service specifications, equipment management, test planning and target-oriented recording of results form the basis for gaining knowledge and maintaining your quality requirements.


  • Layer systems, samples and wet samples
  • Test planning from service specifications
  • Schedule load-in, load-out, evaluation times and find them in the calendar
  • Employee workload and equipment occupancy as a basis for planning
  • Results recording directly from the appointment
  • Resubmission and reminder
  • Evaluation, documentation and traffic light table
  • External/internal audit reports
  • Service specifications with test specifications, conditions, SOPs and evaluation templates

Intellectual Property

Protect your working capital - safe storage and secure transfer of recipes and know-how


  • Database-based document management and database objects make ransomware attacks more difficult
  • Transfer of recipes and know-how to production sites, partners and organizations
  • Manage revisions
  • Resubmissions
  • Disclosure
  • Tracking of receipt and acknowledgement
  • Logging

Mobile + Augmented Reality: Tablets, Phones, HoloLens, Wearables

Future-oriented and excellent user experience for complex application scenarios


  • LISSY Mobile for iOS
  • LISSY AR: Smart glasses in the lab and in field service

Organization tools: Document management, appointments and agenda, to-dos, notifications, evaluations, etc..

You prepare yourself optimally and keep track of upcoming tasks, are informed at all times and seamlessly document your day-to-day business.


  • Consistent document management
  • Preparation of meetings, agenda and minutes
  • Follow-Ups and To-Dos
  • Site-specific holiday and organizational calendars
  • Employee calendar
  • Time recording
  • Utilization planning
  • Evaluations, worklists and info screens